viernes, 31 de agosto de 2012


Sometimes, I need to let things go, I need to speak dark words that try to kill my soul ... so this is me saying : I feel sad, but I´ll be okay xoxo Abril
©copyright 2012

The hourglass is going empty
my dreams are daying, and my hopes are fading.
So I surrender.
I surrender my guilt and my blame
I surrender my lies 
I don´t need no regrets ...

I surrender! 
No more planning, no more pleading, only dreaming.
I surrender my pain and my tears.
I surrender my every fear.
I surrender!
No more expecting, no more demanding,
from now on only believing.

I surrender, enough of pleasing everyone else.
I surrender!
My hands in the air ...
I am drooping my weapons : anger, madness, sarcasm and rage
I surrender! 

Sunlight on my face 
I will release my hostages: my heart, my soul and my faith
I simply surrender!
I want to live freely and smile without pain
I want to breath in light
And in light simply fade away

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